How do I pay for gymnastics classes?

Our system "auto debits" each account on the 20th of the prior month for the following month's tuition.  This means we require all of our customers to have a card on file.  However, you can pay with cash or by using a different credit/debit card if you pay BEFORE the auto debit date--online, in person or over the phone.


What should my child wear for class?


Hair must be up, out of face and free from clips, beads or other objects that may interfere with skills in class.  Leotards or t-shirts with cloth shorts are appropriate. 

*No skirts or tutus, No footed tights, No socks, No denim, No shoes (except for tumbling class), No buttons, zippers, snaps or other embellishments. 

NINJAS--wear ninja uniform to class! Forgot to bring your child's ninja  uniform???  No worries--you can rent one from our hospitality team for $3/ class!


When will my child advance to the next level?


Xtreme offers a progressive program.  Each student is evaluated on a weekly basis.  When they have mastered the skills for their current level, they will then advance to the next class.  You can even follow your child's progress online by logging into your account!


Can parents watch?


Absolutely! We have a viewing balcony with bleachers that overlooks our gym. However, we ask that all spectators refrain from calling down to the children, or leaning over the railing.  This can be a distraction, and risk the safety of our students.

*currently, we are limiting spectators to ONE spectator per student AS SPACE ALLOWS. Seating is only allowed in the marked seating to allow for social distancing.  Masks are not currently required.

Are Masks Required?

Masks are not currently required to be worn by students or spectators; however, we do encourage spectators to wear masks, and we do encourage students to wear masks when entering and exiting the facility.

Are your teachers qualified?

Yes!  Our instructors and coaches go through extensive training to learn the safest ways to teach gymnastics and tumbling.  Many of our coaches have additional gymnastics certifications, besides our safety certification, and ALL of our coaches continue their gymnastics education year round, to be the BEST COACHES THEY CAN BE!  We pride ourselves in teaching correct gymnastics technique to ensure quick and proper progression--and more importantly--your child's SAFETY!


What is your ratio of children to coaches?


In our pre-school classes we have 1 coach to every 5-6 kids (however,  our parent and tot classes are 10-12 students/parents per teacher). Our school-age classes allow for 1 coach to every 8-12 kids. 


What happens if my child misses a class?


We are happy to offer up to 1 make-up classes per month f:

1.) The office is informed before the class that will be missed. 

2.) Make-up class is scheduled with the office.

3.) There is an equivalent class currently offered. 

4.) There is an opening in an equivalent class. 

Can we still join your classes after the month has started?


Absolutely!  As long as we have openings, we are happy to enroll you mid-month.  We will pro-rate the price based on the number of weeks left in the session.  


How does my child earn ribbons?

At Xtreme each student is evaluated on a weekly basis for the skills in their current level.  Each level has certain "ribbon skills", that once the skill has been mastered the student will receive a ribbon for said skill. Ribbons are handed out during class. Our teachers keep track of your child's progress by testing and charting every week. 

How to Pay Online

1. Go to our website, www.xtremegymnasticspb.com

2. Click on the "login/sign up" tab at the top; then click parent login.

3. Sign in to your account (don't create another as you are already in the system) or click "Forgot password"

4. Reset your password if applicable

5. Make payments as needed

*Any questions or problems, give us a call! (573) 785-3780

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